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Family of Zack Hyde


February 25, 2021

Please pray for the family of Zack Hyde. He passed yesterday (2/24). His wife is Dena Wibben Hyde. Dena is the daughter of Todd Wibben and the granddaughter of Grace Wibben. They have two daughters, ages 4 and 2.

Family of Brenda Dye


February 13, 2021

My Aunt Brenda did not recover from her injuries from a wreck last week. She passed away today (2/13). She was an organ donor, she blessed others in her passing.

Valentine’s day package


Dylan Maris
February 13, 2021

A warm thank you to all who are responsible for the valentines care package!

Chris Evans


Helen Daugherty
February 10, 2021

My son Martin just text me and in the morning his Mother in law is having a procedure to fix a leaking valve in her heart, if it doesn’t work she will have to have open heart surgery, please be praying for her. Her name is Chris she lives in Lincoln, please be praying for her and the whole family. Thanks

Valentine Boxes


Dr Valentine's friend
February 10, 2021

Dr. Valentine and crew assembled and mailed 50+ Valentine Boxes filled with Love and goodies on Monday 2/8/2021. What a Blessing!

Michelle Ramlow


Robbie Bell
February 7, 2021

My good friend and former Seabee, Michelle has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Prayers for a full recovery are appreciated.

Brenda Dye


Danielle Emberton
February 7, 2021

My aunt was in a car accident and sustained spinal cord injuries. She is unresponsive.

Sarah Speciale


Nathan Soice
February 6, 2021

Update from Sarah from her daughter Sarah Beth…

Mom’s physical health has been about the same. However mental and emotional health have suffered due to COVID and no visitation as indoor visits have never been allowed. I was allowed to have her at our home for a few hours for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Besides that, I have only seen her for MD appointments. It has been awful. She gets pretty confused sometimes and a little depressed. She can no longer see enough to read cards so my daughter or I read them to her. Sometimes she has difficulties answering the phone due to vision. It’s been hard on all of us. Thank you.

Brad Shaw


February 5, 2021

Bradford Michael Shaw, 31, of Normal passed away on February 5, 2021 at University of Chicago Medicine, surrounded by family and friends.

Brad is the husband of Jessica McLane & the son-in-law of Liz & Dan Hunter.

Brenda Johnson


February 3, 2021

My sis is having back surgery on Friday. Prayers requested for successful surgery and relief if pain.

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