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Kent Dyer


Connie Turner
October 12, 2021

Please pray for Kent Dyer as he is having heart issues. He is to have a stint put in an artery that is 100% blocked in about a month and up coming doctor appointments.

Family of Kenneth Martin


Shelly Brooks
October 9, 2021

Please pray for the Martin family. Ken passed this morning.

Ken Martin


Shelly Brooks
October 8, 2021

Ken is hospitalized at Bromenn. He is in ICU and will be starting dialysis.

Bill Seymour


Rena Boatman
October 2, 2021

Bill was taken by ambulance last night to the hospital. Was having trouble breathing and they thought it was his heart but later said he had pneumonia.

My sister Carol Rawlins


Jim Bicknell
October 1, 2021

Carol fell putting her shoulder out of socket. They have put it back , but she has very little feeling and use of that arm. Dr says she has stretched the nerve. Please pray that she will get feeling and use of the arm back. Pray for a quick recovery.

Lisa DeGroff


Steve and Kim Bliven
September 29, 2021

Please pray for Steve’s sister, Lisa. She is having to have emergency surgery for a kidney stone. They are afraid of sepsis.



September 24, 2021

My Sister’s daughter in law, Suzie, is in the ER. 2 weeks of restrictive breathing. Been to Urgent Care 2x prior, negative for COVID every time. D-dimer came back high indicating blood clots.

Caitlynn Lewis


Jennifer Prather
September 24, 2021

Caitlynn is a Senior at Mt. Pulaski high school whom my kids were classmates with and friends with when they attended Zion Lutheran School in Mt. Pulaski. She has been missing since Sunday, September 19th. Please pray for her safe return, her family, and for the friends of hers that are struggling with her being missing.

MaryAnn Langston


Chris Ashbaugh
September 21, 2021

This is my aunt. She has been admitted to the hospital with blood clots in her lungs and possibly in her leg. My cousins have ask to have her put on prayer list.

Scott Colaw


Linda Evans
September 21, 2021

Please pray for Scott Colaw (Dennis and Judy Colaw’s son in Michigan) who has COVID-19 and is in serious condition.

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