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John Chambers


Shirley Chambers
July 4, 2021

John is having heart trouble, he is not in the best of shape. Thursday he is having a procedure to see if there is enought room to put a 4th wire down the middle of his heart to get the bottom of it to pump together. If this goes OK, then will be surgery to try it. Please pray for both times
John needs all God’s help.

Aileen Gilbert


Stefanie Wimp
June 27, 2021

Please keep my grandmother, Aileen Gilbert, in your prayers. She’s been in and out of the ER multiple times the past two weeks. She’s got some heart issues, fluid in lungs and dehydration all going on and was just transferred to Springfield for better care.

Rodger Smith


Robbie Bell
June 26, 2021

My motorcycle mechanic is battling brain cancer. Please pray for comfort for him and acceptance of God’s grace.

Kids heading to Little Galilee


Danielle Emberton
June 20, 2021

Several kids from church and youth group are heading to camp today for a week. The ones I know of, Ellie Prather, Azul Kong, and Evie Emberton.

Pat Johnson


Linda Evans (Karen R)
June 19, 2021

Pat is coming home today from hospital. Kidney issues resolved.
Praise God. Answered prayers

Pat Johnson


Linda Evans
June 18, 2021

Pat is being taken to Springfield with serious
kidney problems. Please be in prayer for Pat and Bob and family.

Surgical Procedure for Rena


Roger Boatman
June 6, 2021

Roger has asked for prayer for Rena, who is scheduled for a surgical procedure this week.

Phil Heppner


Susan Swearingen
May 20, 2021

Phil Heppner, Mary Kindred’s grandson-in-law, is hospitalized in very serious condition, due to COVID, with blood clots in lungs. Linda Kindred Allen is requesting prayers for Phil & family.

Eric Hill update


May 18, 2021

Transplant performed last night. Walked twice today. Kidney working. Eric doing OK.
Continued prayers for healing and correct medications to be given. Praises for answered prayers.

Eric Hill


May 17, 2021

Eric received call early this morning to be at St Francis/Peoria. Hoping for kidney transplant this afternoon.
Please pray for viable kidney and for transplant to proceed successfully .

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