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Surgery Friday


Chris Ashbaugh
October 12, 2022

I will be having surgery to remove a cancerous mole and a bump on my head on Friday morning. I arrive at 5:30 at OSF and surgery is to start at 7:30. Surgery will take 1 hr to 3 hrs.

Lona Soice


Nathan Soice
October 9, 2022

Please be praying for my mom, Lona Soice. She is having complete knee replacement surgery tomorrow (Oct 10th) at Carle BroMenn. Prayers for a successful procedure, quick healing, and regained mobility would be appreciated. Also prayers for my dad Steve (caregiver). Thanks!

My mom


Kristal Alvarez
October 7, 2022

Just diagnosed with cancer.

Yaletta Batterton


Nathan Soice
September 19, 2022

If everything goes as planned, Yaletta will have a shoulder replacement surgery in Gibson City this Thursday, Sept 22nd. Prayers for a successful surgery and recovery are appreciated.

Family of Gerald Bell


Nathan Soice
September 12, 2022

Wes Bell’s brother from Middletown, IL

Theresa Czarnik (Cyndi Harris’ mom)


Connie Harris
September 9, 2022

They are transporting her for better care today. She has been in the ER 3 times this month and will stay at her daughters in Wisconsin.



September 9, 2022

Please pray Hamilton comes back home to me. Please pray God awakens him to his sins against me and he is transformed by Gods love.

Daughter Angel Baker


Jim Welchel
August 29, 2022

Prayer for physical problem

Kearfott family


Christian Greenland
August 28, 2022

Their family vehicle was hit head on yesterday morning the entire family was hospitalized they have 4 children their youngest son Kayson was air lifted from the scene he is 8 years old and could use all the prayers we can lift up.

Don Turner


Sally McGinnis
August 15, 2022

Please lift up healing prayers for Don Turner (97). Battling pneumonia and other complications related to Covid.
He is hospitalized at BroMenn and can’t see anyone at this time. We will take cards to him if you mail them to P.O. Box 773 atlanta. Prayers for him to regain his strength, his medical team and his family who is supporting him and other family also fighting the Covid virus. This really took a toll on him and we need prayer warriors. Thank you

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